Serious Lip Balm | Why we like Mac so dang much.
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Why we like Mac so dang much.

Why we like Mac so dang much.

Just in case you may not know….


There, we said it.  We aren’t ashamed…but you may find yourself asking why.  Well, Mac is the entire reason that this little balm biz even began.

Luckey was a lowly freshman at MacMurray when professor Khara Koffel crossed her path.  The rest is history.  Since then Luckey has graduated, Koffel has moved up the ranks, and collectively they have convinced their Suit to go back to college at Mac as well.

So when Mac recently announced that they were gonna ship their president off on a cross country voyage we here at Serious jumped at the chance to be part of such an awesome event.

There are quite a few stops…you can check his progress on this cool interactive map HERE.  Personally we are really looking forward to the fact that the little RV on the map is going to move along as he travels.  Frankly, that is adorable.



Because our initial offer to just ride along WITH the president was not accepted, we instead partnered up with Mac to make three completely custom balms **Highlander Grog, Kickin Kilt, & Mac Dessert**





And there are quite a few stops…you can check his progress on this cool interactive map HERE.





As President Mark Tierno makes his way alllll around America he has a ton of little meet-ups planned with all different sorts of folks.  At each of these stops he is gonna pass out our little bundles.  So make sure that if he swings into a town near you, you hit him up for some lip balms!



Last night we were thrilled to be invited to the going away party that was thrown at the President’s house.  While there we met an amazing woman named Alice who graduated from Mac in 1953 and gave us both the best advice we have ever heard in our lives.

“Never settle for just any man.” -Alice.

We wont, Alice.  We absolutely promise.  We sincerely hope we get to go out to lunch with her soon and learn so much more of her wisdom.

Also at the party (and almost as cool as Alice) was the actual RV that Tierno will be cruising around in.

Such a fine specimen of automotive machinery there.

And if you were to look REALLY REALLY close you might notice something.

What’s that chilling on the lower left hand side?

Just a little bit of a bumper sticker that we may have snuck back after the party to put on…no big deal.

So the moral of this story is that we love MacMurray and all that it has brought to our lives.  We love the fact that the president is traipsing around the country to meet with alumni and friends and family and folks.  We love being a part of it in our own little way.

We encourage you all to follow his shenanigans on all of the Mac social media sites. Such as THIS & THAT.

And you may even be able to purchase your own Mac bundle on our website HERE


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