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What ISN’T in our Lip Balm?

What ISN’T in our Lip Balm?

I’m just going to go ahead and toss this out there, and it might be a surprise to some of you, but… here goes.  *DEEP BREATH*

We are not scientists.

We’re not!  I swear!  We both wear a bunch of hats, it’s true; mom, daughter, cousin, friend, interpreter, sculptor, teacher, trainer, crocheter, lover of peanut butter, bulldog servant, you name it.  In all of these things, we are not scientists, but we DO know what we put in our all-natural lip balms, and even better, WHAT WE DON’T, and WHY.

Here’s a few of the things we’ve left out of our balms in order for them to be chemical-free, super moisturizing and all-around amazing (if we do say so ourselves) (and we do).

1. Petrolatum:   A derivative of petroleum – you know, OIL – is often thought to be hydrating and moisturizing, but it’s actually a myth!  Petrolatum actually only gives the look of your skin and lips being hydrated, when in reality is creates a barrier on the skin to prevent them from being moisturized – WHAT A FAKER.   In addition, the refining process is chemical-laden and may cause even more health issues down the road!

2.  Palm Oil:  Oh man is PALM OIL a can of worms.  Whether or not palm oil is bad for you is not the issue, we’re more worried about the EARTH, here.  Palm oil, which is widely used in food production and cosmetic products, has a destructive harvesting process that has been identified as a huge culprit in the destruction of rainforests, the depletion of animal species and a ton of other bad stuff.   Want to know more?  We will fill you in more on this one in another blog.

3.  Flavors:  Look, we know we sometimes call the scents of our lip balms “flavors.”  It just slips out and we are SORRY, OKAY?  The truth is that we only use scents, not flavors, and that’s for a purpose – it’s so that you don’t like your lips, dry them out with all of that licking and then blame us.  True story!

4.  Other things people have asked us about that are not in our balms:  Parabens?  Nope.  Vaseline?  Oh gosh, no.  Menthol, Phenol or Camphor?  No way, friends… because there are some other balms that use that and then you get ADDICTED to them (well, your lips do) and cause all sorts of irritation and redness.  I’m looking at YOU, EGG-SHAPED BALMS.  Whale blubber?  Um, no.  We don’t even know where we would get that if we did want it.

Be kind to your lips… be NATURAL and be SERIOUS!




  • Bianca
    Posted at 00:39h, 01 May Reply

    I use petroleum alone because I thought it would rehydrate my lips turns out I was wrong the whole time.

    • Serious Lip Balm
      Posted at 01:38h, 17 July Reply

      So many people think the same thing – at least we all know now!

  • Jhoei
    Posted at 09:21h, 03 September Reply

    I’ve always liked scented lip balms but at some point I felt like lip balms do not moisturize my lips. It felt like there’s just some oil splattered on my lips. Same goes for the petroleum jelly/vaseline. I still use them but only apply a very thin layer.

    • Serious Lip Balm
      Posted at 22:37h, 18 January Reply

      I totally know what you’re talking about! Our balms actually soak into your lips and you can feel them heal and soften!

  • Lynda
    Posted at 03:54h, 19 September Reply

    I think drinking water is the best thing we can do anytime and anywhere.

    • Serious Lip Balm
      Posted at 22:36h, 18 January Reply

      You are SO RIGHT! We carry giant water bottles with us everywhere!

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