Serious Lip Balm | We’ve Got You Covered… Naturally!
In SERIOUS need of a good, all-natural lip balm, hand lotion, bug repellent, or beard balm? Our products are handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL, and made with a whole lotta love.
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We’ve Got You Covered… Naturally!

Serious Lip Balm and other products arranged on a metal table.

We’ve Got You Covered… Naturally!

I’m not going to lie… we KNOW the stuff we make is awesome.  That beSerious Lip Balm and other products arranged on a metal table. ing said, some of the coolest things we hear are new and interesting ways that you awesome people figure out to use our products!  Here’s just a few of them that have been passed on to us!

SERIOUS HEALING FIX… works awesome as an ECZEMA treatment.

SERIOUS LIP BALM… can heal rough cuticles and hang nails.

SERIOUS WHIPPED LOTION... is an amazing makeup remover – just rub it over your makeup and off it comes.

SERIOUS BEARD BALM… is a really amazing product to tame your hair when it’s big and fluffy after a shower.

SERIOUS LIP BALM… applied to toes before running helps with raw toes.

SERIOUS NIP BALM… is a great lip balm for people with tree nut allergies – no nut oils are used in making it.

SERIOUS LOTION BAR… can heal up those gnarly heels of yours.

SERIOUS LIP BALM… can be used to wrangle those rogue eyebrows.

SERIOUS WHIPPED LOTION… is a super rad moisturizer for the tips of your hair.

SERIOUS HEALING FIX…  is great to heal cuts and scrapes.

SERIOUS LIP BALM… is great for babies’ chins to protect from drool during teething.

SERIOUS NIP BALM… works as a great moisturizer around your nose during cold season.


For everything you need, we’ve got you covered… naturally!

(well, almost everything)



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