Serious Lip Balm | We Have Ruined Ryan Burk and We Apologize
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We Have Ruined Ryan Burk and We Apologize

We Have Ruined Ryan Burk and We Apologize

An Open Letter to Ryan Burk, Storyteller/Reporter for WCIA, Channel 3 and All of His Fans

From: Khara and Luckey


Dear Ryan:Photo Aug 30, 10 06 38 AM

You arrived so clean and professional; your hair was perfectly in place, your demeanor was direct yet charming, your knowledge was boundless and your experience was evident in the way that you carried yourself.  I know that you were probably not expecting people like us, and we are sorry.  Please know the following things, and please carry them in your heart:

  1.  We tried to control our faces, BUT WE ARE JUST NATURALLY EXPRESSIVE.  We apologize.
  2. We are sorry we tried to touch, hold, and quiz you about every piece of equipment you brought.  They were like new toys to us!  We apologize.  (… but Luckey is still talking about that microphone, by the way)
  3. Photo Aug 30, 10 00 52 AMSpeaking of equipment, we are sorry for making you blush when you tried to mic us.  I mean, it had to go up our shirts, and that’s just ripe for jokes.   We apologize.
  4. We really did plan our outfits and get ready for you, Khara just legitimately forgot to put her shoes on before you got there, that’s why she was scrabbling to pull on a sock when you arrived.  We apologize.
  5. We are a naturally chatty team, and that’s why we got really excited when you asked us questions.  In addition, TO OUR CREDIT, you did make us sit in chairs and we do NOT excel at sitting.  We apologize, but not TOTALLY, because we do think the blame could get spread around a little here.

Truly, it was a wonderful experience talking to you all about our beloved company and all of the incredible people that have helped us get here, we just have a lot to say and we get a little excited.  We know we are a lot to handle, and we appreciate you putting up with us and pretending like it was fun.Photo Aug 30, 10 36 14 AM


Thanks again, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

All the best to you and yours in your reporting days ahead,

Khara and Luckey


File Aug 31, 6 27 28 PM

P.S.  We’re sorry.

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