Serious Lip Balm | Think of the amazing LIP BALM KARMA.
In SERIOUS need of a good, all-natural lip balm, hand lotion, bug repellent, or beard balm? Our products are handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL, and made with a whole lotta love.
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Think of the amazing LIP BALM KARMA.

Think of the amazing LIP BALM KARMA.

So, as some of you may know, we sell lip balm (insert eye roll here).  Here’s the fun part – we never intended to sell li84214679-2047-4e78-93f3-b71c5c7d189ap balm.  We never meant to start a business, we know diddly squat about marketing and even less about words like “fiscal,” “quarterly,” and “profit and loss.”  It’s  pretty ridiculous, really.

That being said, somehow this is working, and that is mainly because of all of you awesome people who are reading these words put together in these sentences on this blog by these crazy chicks that were unaware that they started a company.  I mean, it’s mostly because of you, but coffee and Taco Bell should also be given a fair amount of credit, but that’s a whole other story for another day.

Anyway, so now we find ourselves on this awesome path that we hope will lead to World Lip Balm Domination, but We Need You Now.  Officially.  (CUE THE MUSIC!)

Okay, okay, okay.  So what is this about?

Here’s the skinny – we would like to offer our rad little lip balm in more stores all over this Big Beautiful World, but there’s a bit of a problem – THERE ARE SO MANY STORES OUT THERE.  We don’t know where to start, and we are hoping that YOU MIGHT.  If you know of any, and we mean ANY, places in your community that might be interested in ye olde Serious Lip Balm, just send us an email or a facebook message or WHATEVER, and tell us the name of the place and what town it’s in and we will take it from there!  Oh, and we are able to be sold in SO MANY different kinds of places that feel free not to limit yourself to lip balm stores – we’re talking gyms, salons, chiropractic offices, health food stores, grocery stores, artist co-ops, you name it.   EASY PEASY.  In exchange, not only will you get our love and admiration, but you might even get a sweet little gift from us should something pan out.  Oh, and we will tell everyone we know that we think you are the bee’s knees… no joke.  Like, everyone.

Seriously, that’s it – just email, comment, facebook message, call us, whatever, with the name of some places.  THINK OF THE GOOD KARMA.

We hope to hear from you soon!  (Like, real soon, because we dig you a whole lot)


khara and luckey



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