Serious Lip Balm | The World’s Best Most Amazing Thing Ever
In SERIOUS need of a good, all-natural lip balm, hand lotion, bug repellent, or beard balm? Our products are handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL, and made with a whole lotta love.
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The World’s Best Most Amazing Thing Ever

The World’s Best Most Amazing Thing Ever

We launched a new glitter lip balm in collaboration with Dear Katie Brown and it’s the best!

If you haven’t seen us in person lately… well, when you do, expect GLITTER!
That’s right, we’ve entered the glitter vortex.
Everyone – and we mean everyone – needs a little sparkle in their lives, so we’ve partnered with the glitter queen herself and cosmetics goddess Katie Brown to launch not just any glitter lip balm, but THE BEST glitter lip balm.

We’ve admired the indie cosmetics brand Dear Katie Brown since time began and we are super duper excited, like pee in your pants a little excited, to collaborate with her on our first fully GLITTERIZED (that’s a word, right?) product (PS there’s more to come on that – you might want to check out our Ice Queen glitter whipped lotion, too).

Working with Katie and her team in Texas has been a dream. Katie helped us develop the product in terms of color, scent, and of course SPARKLE. As a result, you can now purchase a Serious Lip Balm in collaboration with Dear Katie Brown glitter lip balm for your lovely selves online HERE!

If you’d rather stock up in person you’ll have plenty of chances. Starting with the Illinois Product Expo on March 2 & 3.

People, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so there’s not excuse when it comes to gorgeous handmade gifts now, is there?

So, make sure you check out and in the meantime let us know what you think of our latest creation!

One of my brand’s goals is to create a culture of what we like to call “disruptive kindness and positivity” in the beauty industry and we see that energy in what Khara and Megan do, so having the opportunity to collaborate with them is inspiring and exciting to me.” – Katie Brown, Dear Katie Brown.

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