Serious Lip Balm | stay safe and SHOP TINY
In SERIOUS need of a good, all-natural lip balm, hand lotion, bug repellent, or beard balm? Our products are handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL, and made with a whole lotta love.
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stay safe and SHOP TINY

stay safe and SHOP TINY

One of the raddest things about owning a small business – besides meeting all of you amazing hooligans – has been meeting tons of other small businesses that were born out of big ideas and sometimes tiny garages. We high five at shows, share ideas over email and fall in love with their products as much as we love them. We figured why not put them all in one place so you can go check them out yourselves FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR QUARANTINE? Prepare to be BOWLED OVER.

Beauty of a Site has been an amazing online boutique since 2005, and carries everything from beauty buys to fashion and home decor items. Need an adorable wedding gift? Beauty of a Site has it and can even gift wrap and ship it for you! SIGN US UP. All I’m saying is that we have these adorable friendship necklaces and if you get Luckey these shoes, she’s probably going to love you forever.

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that WE LOVE TSHIRTS. Know what we REALLY love, though? WITTY TSHIRTS. Luckily, we’ve got these friends that own Reverie Apparel and Sourpuss and Proud that do just that! Using awesome new Direct-To-Garment printing techniques, Reverie Apparel prints retail and custom shirts with such quality that the color will stay in place for years. Add to that Sourpuss and Proud‘s line of shirts and pajama dresses that are soft as a dream and sharp as a knife and we are SOLD.

All I’m saying is that Home Girls is our homegirl, okay? What started out as an amazing little gift-and-fashion shop in Jacksonville, Illinois, has recently blossomed into an even BIGGER store that now also has an online store as well! From amazing candles to adorable fashion and accessories to die for, Home Girls has a little something for everyone. I mean… THIS NECKLACE. Come on now.

Happy Camper Clothing & Co MAKES US HAPPY, that’s really all that we can say. We were lucky enough to meet this family business at a show and our love affair with their shirts has been going strong since! Now with the new “lunch lady” line and THESE STICKERS, we can barely keep ourselves out of their Etsy store!!!!
Let me tell you a little bit about The Homebody Society… IT IS RAD. Celebrating all things cozy, wonderful and filled with love, The Homebody Society specializes in items that will fill your heart ’til it runneth over. Do you have a favorite Hufflepuff that needs a birthday gift? Don’t even get me started on engraving your grandma’s favorite recipe on a cutting board. SO AMAZING.
We love soap, and not just because it’s ESSENTIAL FOR STAYING HEALTHY, but because it is luxurious, has amazing aromas and makes your skin feel incredible… AT LEAST THE STUFF FROM THE WRIGHT SOAPERY DOES! The Wright Soapery is a small batch soap company out of Urbana, Illinois that makes some of the most incredible soaps that we’ve ever tried in scents that remind you of everything from the beach to orange spice! NOW GO WASH YOUR HANDS.

THERE YOU HAVE IT, FRIENDS… an amazing list of makers and sellers that could you use all of the love and support that you can muster during this crazy time for small businesses! SHOP TINY, y’all!

We love you!

Serious Lip Balm

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