Serious Lip Balm | Shop LOCAL/Shop little… PART ONE – the LOCALS
In SERIOUS need of a good, all-natural lip balm, hand lotion, bug repellent, or beard balm? Our products are handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL, and made with a whole lotta love.
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Shop LOCAL/Shop little… PART ONE – the LOCALS

Buy Local in Central Illinois

Shop LOCAL/Shop little… PART ONE – the LOCALS

Hey, we get it! It’s so much easier to power-eat through a jar of peanut butter on your couch while watching some reality TV and order your Christmas gifts on your phone from the same megastore online than it is to go out looking for gifts for your family and buds at individual shops and such. GUESS WHAT? We are here to save the day with a two-part series on our little bloggity blog called “Shop Local/Shop Little.”

For those of you in the corn fields of central Illinois, this first part is for you! We’ve got some ideas for some great gift ideas that range from reclaimed wood shelves to gift cards for manicures that are sure to make your local people proud and your local businesses do a happy dance.

First up… THE GOODS. Snag them a sweet little somethin’-somethin’!



Swing on over to The Roost on 6th Street in downtown Springfield to check out some of the coolest artisan-made items in town.  From jewelry to clothing to wall art, they’ve got it all – even a pretty sweet selection of Serious Lip Balm!  Oh, and say hi to the owner, Rachel – she’s pretty amazeballs.






Not only do JoAnn and her awesome staff at All Occasions have an adorable selection of gifts and an amazing floral design department, but they make the greatest window displays ever (I’m looking at you, Ashley).  Just south of the square in Jacksonville, you never know what you’re going to fall in love with at this shop!




With just a little over a year under her belt as a shop owner, that means Julie Rowe HAS BEEN KICKING ASS FOR OVER A YEAR AS A SHOP OWNER.  Check out her amazing taste in gifts, clothing and jewelry at Home Girls Boutique in Jacksonville.    Be prepared for a warm welcome, a lot of laughs and some really great buys!





I don’t think you’ll ever be prepared for the warmth and love that you receive from Andy when you walk into the front door of his amazing independent bookstore, Our Town Books on the square in Jacksonville.  With an amazing array of books and the cutest kid section you can think of, Our Town Books is a sure hit for books of all kinds.





Hey, while you’re checking in on Andy at the bookstore, swing on buy and pick up a latte, some amazing handmade stuff, check out some local art, maybe listen to a poetry reading, chat with an incredible barista and maybe nibble on some of their incredible sammiches at The Soap Co. Coffee House.  I know, I know, you know we love the Soap Co., but it bears repeating how great this place is for a either a gift or a snack or a gift certificate.




OH WAIT, are you on the square in Jax?  You should definitely stop by Just Good Trade to pick up one of their MANY eclectic gifts from onion bowls to beautiful scarves to a ton of other fair trade goods.  This story is a go-to for so many locals for a quick gift and a warm smile… because it’s AWESOME.






You know you’ve picked a good local find for gifts and custom woodwork when you CANNOT PICK A FAVORITE IMAGE. Sangamon Reclaimed in Springfield not only has an incredible story (I dare you to look it up and NOT get weepy) but the handcrafted wood pieces and custom pieces are so dreamy that all you can do is walk through the showroom and run your hands over EVERYTHING.  Not that we’ve done that.  Okay, we have.  A bunch.  Dang it, Brian.



Next up… THE SERVICES.  Give them something to enjoy!


Look, MOST of us have to get our locks trimmed from time to time, so why not treat someone to an extra-special burst of color in their hair, a sweet blowout or a manicure?  Meraki Hair and Nails in Jacksonville is a top spot for a little pampering and the ladies there will put a smile on your face and love in your heart!




Guys, we know that a gift certificate for a tattoo might not be your first choice for grandma, BUT HERE US OUT… she might totally dig it.  The amazing artists at Redbird Electric Tattooing in Springfield are so good that they are OUR TATTOO ARTISTS.  Come on, you know that has to mean something, right?





OH WAIT, you might say, I KNOW THOSE CHICKS.  Those are the Serious Lip Balm women… what are they doing here?  Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s because WE BOTH GET OUR HAIR DONE BY MARCY HAYES IN JACKSONVILLE.  Whether you want crazy color or amazing highlights, Marcy does an incredible job AND she offers gift certificates for your favorite people.  Check her out byt giving her a call or text at 217.370.8176!






While we are at it, why not give your friends and family a shot at a healthier body and mind in the new year?  Head on over to Triple Threat Training and pick up a gift certificate that will grant them some time with some great trainers in a fully-stocked functional-fitness gym that promotes healthy living and healthy eating!





Looking to create something for someone yourself or give them the gift of guidance in making their own special something?  Look no further than Handicraft Art Co., an awesome new shop and workspace east of the square in Jacksonville.  At this great new space, you can create several projects per month with the help of available craftspeople or gift your fam and friends the opportunity to do the same.  Check out their facebook page for some great info!




FINALLY… who doesn’t like some FOOD AND DRINKS?


Looks, it’s no secret that we LOVE Free Press Coffee House!  From their amazing coffee to delicious food and baked goods to the killer spaces with free wi-fi and fun baristas (wink-wink, we love you guys!) Free Press is just the bee’s knees.  Check them out on MacArthur Blvd in Springfield, in Mt. Sterling and in Pittsfield for an AMAZING experience every time!





From the awesome decor to the friendly smiles of the geniuses making and pouring your beers, Buzz Bomb Brewery is an awesome spot down the street from the Old State Capital to unwind and have one of their amazing brews.  They can’t stop winning awards and supporting the community, so grab a gift certificate for someone you know and love and spread the good vibes!





If you haven’t wandered over to Danenberger Family Vineyards in New Berlin to sip on some incredible wine by Susan Danenberger and family, then you should have at least gone there to eat some of their incredible wings, sit in their peaceful and cozy atmosphere, rock out to the bands that make their way onto the stage or pet one of the AMAZING DOGS that wander around the property.  If you haven’t, we don’t even know what to tell you except GO THERE.  Pick up a bottle for your friends, grab a glass for yourself and ENJOY.





Wait a second, is beer more of your (or their) style?  NO WORRIES.  Engrained Brewery is right off of Interstate 72 in Springfield and specializes in farm-to-table dining and delicious micro-brews created right on site!  Gift your pals an amazing meal paired with delicious award-winning beers to celebrate the season!




If you’d rather just skip the gifts and throw a big ol’ bash to ring in the holiday cheer, look no further than Just the Basics Catering, a mobile bar catering company that will make sure the festivities are… well-hydrated!  Welcome them to your party an they can bring an awesome assortment of local beers and Illinois wines as well as a ton of other delicious concoctions!




SO THERE IT IS!  A local list to end all local lists of awesome products, services, food, wines, beers and fun for you to give to your favorite peeps this holiday season!  Go forth and make people happy!


Serious Lip Balm

P.S.  We will have one of everything, thank you.


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