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One Serious Newsletter

One Serious Newsletter

Know what’s pretty damn awesome? Our newsletter. Want to know why? WE WILL TELL YOU WHY.

  1. We don’t send one every stinkin’ day, only when we’ve got something to tell you. No one wants their email inbox taken over every damn day. No one.
  2. We tell you when we are having sales and what not. Who hates sales? NO ONE. Don’t you want to know when you can get our rad stuff AND save money? Come on now.
  3. Sometimes we have photos of Lula the Customer Service Bulldog in them and that Serious Lip Balm bulldog named Lulabitch is photogenic. No further explanation necessary.
  4. We love being able to give you updates on our crazy adventures and let you in on things we’ve got coming up. You know, to keep your supportive ass in the loop!
  5. We send you offers on your birthday… BECAUSE IT IS YOUR SPECIAL DAY AND YOU NEED TO TREAT YOURSELF!

Not on our list? Head on over to and DO IT!

We love ya!

Serious Lip Balm

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