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We were rightly shocked when our buddies at Innovate Springfield asked us to do a six minute pitch during the UIS * SIU * iSPI Illinois Capital Innovation Awards on Friday April 6th.  First we were shocked, and then we freaked out about limiting ourselves to six minutes. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY…would we even have enough time to tell the judges our favorite colors and how much we loved them?!?

Koffel and I got together that day and practiced…and practiced…and practiced our pitch.  We have spoken in front of groups several times about our little company, but never pitched it.  We never had to go into detail about the dollars, the growth, or the valuation. Don’t get us wrong…we know all those things (or at lease we quickly figured them out before Friday). But we usually talk about how much we love to pet dogs and how we strive for Lip Balm World Domination.

That evening we were giddy with excitement and just happy to have a chance on the stage.  We were simultaneously honored to be included and determined to kick ass.  Our pitch went well, and quickly. We were asked some amazing questions from our awesome judges and then we had to wait for the results.  Luckey frantically made mini paper cranes (she doesn’t that when she is nervous) and Koffel kept handing her paper and whispering about how badly she wanted to win.


and guys…it was us.

Photo Cred to iSPI

So we stomped on the stage in our very respectable black motorcycle boots and hot pink combat boots and accepted that award.




Photo cred to iSPI

And we owe so much to Bruce Sommer for even letting us be involved, and to Katie Davison for pointing us in a good direction for our power point. And to Nadia for sitting with us and always being rad, and to Sarah Beth for her amazing photos. And to the other competitors Kirk Kellus, Nabih Elhajj, and Shaun Tonstad for being so gracious and sweet. And to all of our buds at Innovate Springfield and to Springfield itself. We are lucky we found ourselves in this place. So lucky.

  • Sarah Ayers
    Posted at 20:54h, 06 November Reply

    i love you guys soo much and just stumbled upon this lovely little blog post just now, for the very first time. i’m major feeling feelings!!

    • Serious Lip Balm
      Posted at 22:36h, 18 January Reply

      OH GIRL, we love you!

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