Serious Lip Balm | How the HECK did This All Get Started (PART ONE)
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How the HECK did This All Get Started (PART ONE)

How the HECK did This All Get Started (PART ONE)

To be perfectly honest….
we aren’t sure.
A logical explanation for this craziness would be that we got together and had a few drinks. … but that’s just not our jam.
Maybe we were high on mushrooms? can’t confirm.

Really it started with a text that went something like this.
(dramatic interpretation)

Khara: Hey Luck, wanna come to my place and make some lip balms for my son’s day care teachers?
Luckey: Fuck yeah I do!

Because Khara knew a few things:
1. Day care teachers work their butts off and deserve nice things.
2. Luckey has dabbled into the world of natural skin care and knew her way around some beeswax
3. There had to be a better way to get soft lips than what was already out there.

SOoooo… the dynamic duo got together in Khara’s kitchen, bellied up to a double boiler and got to crackin on some lip balms. And you know what happened? They made some truly shitty lip balms.
For real.
They sucked.
So they dug them out and did some research. They learned about lanolin and shea butter. They learned about ‘drag’ and ‘moisture’ and why you don’t want it to be too soft or too hard or too slimy. They worked hard to figure out a way to make a lip balm that was better than what was already on the shelves.
Then they did it again. and again. and a few more times before the lip balm they made was worth a damn.
THEN…they gave it to people.

The people liked it and wanted more, the people (specifically a couple of cute kids named Bob & Trina Meek of Jacksonville, IL) suggested that they start selling it in the newly redone Soap Co. Coffee Shop on the square in Jacksonville.

So once again, Khara and Luckey pondered.
Obviously they would need a name and a label and something to put it in.

So they had a text conversation that went something like this.
(dramatic interpretation)

Khara: we need a name and a label and something to put it in.
Luckey: yep, but nothing girly or stupid
Khara: right
Luckey: and something simple and fun
Khara: agreed! How about…Serious…because we are oh so very Serious all of the time, no matter what.
Luckey: I LOVE it. AND…how about this… If this shit starts getting expensive or boring-we stop. Deal?
Khara: DEAL!

I hope you have enjoyed PART ONE of How the HECK did This All Get Started
Please tune in next time to find out where the fuck we found Suit, How we got copies of Abe Lincoln’s favorite dessert recipes, and what snacks we eat.


  • Trina Meek
    Posted at 21:08h, 21 January Reply

    <3 love

    • Serious Lip Balm
      Posted at 15:53h, 09 March Reply

      We love you! @Trina Meek!

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