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In SERIOUS need of a good, all-natural lip balm, hand lotion, bug repellent, or beard balm? Our products are handmade locally in Jacksonville, IL, and made with a whole lotta love.
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High Fives All Around

High Fives All Around

If there is anything we know, it’s that we at Serious Lip Balm are surrounded by some pretty amazing people.  When our little rollercoaster leans a little too far left, someone throws him or herself to the right to balance us out and vice versa.  There are also track builders, people who snap on our safety belts, and even people who just stand over to the side and toss their hands in the air and remind us that every once in a while we need to scream “woooooooooooooo!” and enjoy the crazy ride.

We’d like to take a few words to thank all of the people who have given their time and expertise to help us over the last year and a half… high fives all around!


Marc Benner and Jerry Covell – the original lip balm widows.  They are our chief labelers, shippers, movers of balms, sacrifice-ers of personal time and support systems.  We owe you each a cup of coffee… or 768.  And lots of cake.  And maybe some vacations.

The kiddos – Gabe, Jones, Jacob and Tori – for the occasional label and laugh.

Lula – for being The Company Bulldog and Chief Customer Service Representative, even though she occasionally has odor problems. We forgive you.

Nicole Riley and the crew at The Soap Co. Coffee House in Jacksonville, IL – they were our first official retail location and have been the best peddlers we can imagine.

Bob and Trina Meek – for introducing us to The Soap Co!  Make Bob laugh – you’ll thank us later.

Marcy Patterson – for reminding us to keep it local and for her endless supply of personal contacts (she’s like a walking phonebook for Jacksonville).

Jakeb Marsh, Eli Newman, Jared Evans, Tyler Phibbs and everyone else at Open House Print Shop – for their sick shirts, amazing web design and the endless amount of entertainment that we get when we hang out there and discuss world domination.

Kaity Kurilla – for her endless capping, de-capping and information on Bobby Bones.

Sara Rauch – for the balm-making and the naming, although we will never admit that she is the most creative with words of all of us.

Luke Halls – for all of his help even under the scrutiny of Marc’s labeling quality control.

Sandy Austwick – for her endless sharing of posts, big hugs and the first custom order we ever made.

Devon Lehmkuhl – for his mad accounting skills, his crazy music knowledge and letting us whimper on his desk.

Gabrielle Douglas – for fixing all of our Quickbooks mistakes without making us feel like chumps (even though we are most definitely chumps).

Kathy Thompson – for her mastery of banking and the way she looks the other way when we steal lollipops off of her desk.

Boone Luckey – for his crazy construction skills even when all we can do is making big gestures with our hands about what we want.

Doug Edwards – for making balms with us even on a beautiful day when we wouldn’t let him leave the kitchen until we were done.

Rachel Bonney – for being the head chicken of The Roost who is always quick with a smile, a laugh a glass of booze and some encouragement.

The Illinois Meat Company’s Sausage Bros – for being wonderful booth mates, supporters, friends and teachers in the wild world of meats.

Jen Hughes – for making us feel at home in the amazing world of vendor fairs and making us all of our amazing necklaces.

Katie Jo Powell – for doing whatever needs to be done on lip balm making days, from capping to playing with Jones or scratching The Company Bulldog’s belly.

Heather Piepenburg – for running an amazing season of vendor fairs that always welcomes us with open arms, lots of love and mini donuts.

John and Darlene Fulton – for going above and beyond to try to spread Serious Lip Balm all over the east coast and for being the coolest lighthouse keepers we can imagine.

And last but not least –

Darren Iozia – for keeping us as business-minded as we can possibly be, letting us go on personal tangents (“you nails look good,” “thanks, it’s a new color”), making us stick to a program and finally learning how to iron a shirt.


Here’s the rollercoaster, it’s riders, it’s staff and everyone who joins us in the future… the ride is AWESOME, trust us.

  • Kim Noyes
    Posted at 17:02h, 14 July Reply

    Congrats to you guys!! You have an amazing product and it just happens to be a really fun product, too! Love and best wishes to the magical ladies (and their helpers) of Serious!

  • Heather
    Posted at 02:04h, 16 July Reply

    You all are the best. Really!!!!

  • John Fulton
    Posted at 12:00h, 18 July Reply

    Wow, thanks for the accolades . Just hope we can have fun and help along the way and enjoy this adventure in living in a small way with you all. More later…..

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