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Good As Gold Award

Good As Gold Award


Last night we had the amazing privilege of attending the Springfield, IL Good As Good Awards as nominees.  The event itself was beautiful, but the most stunning part was to sit in a room FULL of selfless people who tirelessly give to their community.

There were representatives from organizations all over Springfield that, as a Springfield native, I have long admired. A small sampling is: King’s Daughters Organization, Matthew Project, Underdogs Sports, and our good buddies at Sangamon Reclaimed.

The attire for the evening was “Business” so we showed up as business-y as we could muster.

And that was pretty good for us!

Our Good Does Good initiative was the entire reason we were nominated during this event. If you happen to be unfamiliar with Good Does Good, here ya go..

Good Does Good was created out of our pure awe of the world and folks around us. We noticed how many amazing things were happening behind the curtains and we wanted to spotlight it.

The believe behind Good Does Good is that we truly think the world is a pretty rad place and could only continue to improve if we all did a little bit better for other people every chance we get.  Good deeds, acts of kindness, paying it forward… whatever you want to call it, it is beautiful and we are committed to spreading a little bit of joy to the world.

Good Does Good started with us wanting to highlight three local organizations that are near and dear to our heart: Triple Heart Foundation, Jacksonville Public Library BookMobile, and the wonderful Elm City Center.






The very best part of the night was when we returned to our seats and the lovely ladies at the end of our table were showing up their Serious Balms from their purses.



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