Serious Lip Balm | Annahi Hernandez 2019-2020 Serious Lip Balm Intern
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Annahi Hernandez 2019-2020 Serious Lip Balm Intern

Annahi Hernandez 2019-2020 Serious Lip Balm Intern

Hey guys!! My name is Annahi Hernandez, I am a Business Administration major and a senior student at MacMurray College located in Jacksonville, Illinois. I am from a very diverse town called Beardstown, Illinois. I was an intern for SLB last fall, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to continue my internship and complete my last semester of college with them for spring semester.

My time with SLB has taught me how to do inventory, how to create a Facebook ad, how to interact and speak with customers, how to manage time, how to create social media posts, how to use creativity to make a positive impact, how to be yourself, how to stay hydrated, how to build friendships, how to make products, how to beginning selling products in websites and marketplaces, how to use Quickbooks, and I can go on and on about what I have learned with SLB.

I am so grateful to be part of this amazing company, and grateful of meeting such great individuals that make this learning experience so enjoyable and fun.

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