Serious Lip Balm | 19 Useless (yet somewhat interesting) Facts about the SLB Trio
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19 Useless (yet somewhat interesting) Facts about the SLB Trio

19 Useless (yet somewhat interesting) Facts about the SLB Trio

  1.  Things that we are extremely particular about, in no particular order:  eyeliner, everyone’s ability to parallel park, ink pens, sock patterns, thickness of card stock, ice cream sprinkles, soap smells, table cloth length, perfect levels of banana ripeness, hotel complimentary breakfasts, tshirt weight and/or texture, levels of sweetness of iced coffee
  2. Khara(born & raised in Pennsylvania) and Luckey(to put it simply-from Illinois) both lived in Alabama at the same time for one year, in different parts of the state, before they knew each other. ALABAMA
  3. Luckey wanted to be a priest when she grew up.
  4. 32oz Nalgene bottles are a staple with this crew – between the three of us, we own approximately 13 water bottles that are in rotation.  And we all owned & used 32oz Nalgene bottles before we met. Cuz cool kids rock the Nalgenes
  5. Pet names:  Shoo Shoo, Mitzi, Pumpkin, Ally, Ugly, Pretty, Dunkin, Shithead, Brandy, Mitzi, Jelly Bean, Sneakers, Bailey, Tyler, Phoenix, Jerry, Daisy, Katie, Reese, Cleo, Tiggy, Lula, Quest, Zak, Christa, Lobo, Tanya, Bessie, Douglas (Kat)
  6. When he moved, Luckey packed up Suit’s kitchen – the only only food to be found was three half-eaten bags of tostitos round tortilla chips and 12 cans of green beans… and no can opener.
  7. Emily the intern has never tried coffee and only tried sushi when Khara’s three year old guilted her into it.
  8. Jacob the Intern’s parents own a Chinese restaurant in Iowa.
  9. Shelby the intern first came into our lives a few days after Khara’s fantastic journey into knee surgery land.  So her first official meeting with us took place on Khara’s couch with a slightly drugged up Khara.
  10. Speaking of slightly drugged up owners of a lip balm company….the day they signed the paper work to become an LLC Luckey was a few days post elbow surgery and had recently ingested her fair share of narcotic pain medicine.
  11. Luckey refuses to stay in hotels that do not have sinks directly in the room’s bathroom.
  12. Khara had lasik surgery in 2000.  She was so excited when it was done that she couldn’t stop singing the song playing on the recovery room’s speaker system – “Beast of Burden” – that the nurses stopped talking to her.
  13. Luckey hurt herself so many times as a child that her medical file was labelled “Accident Prone.”
  14. Luckey makes origami cranes when she is nervous.  Khara carries around a small pad of paper for such occasions.
  15. Luckey pukes when she laughs too hard.
  16. Khara is ‘mildly’ obsessed with Pope John Paul II
  17. When the shoot a video for Facebook they only do it once…no script, no do overs…one go.  The only exception was the Nip Balm video, because Luckey couldn’t stop giggling at how Khara said “Hello Facebook Land.”
  18. Khara has a chia-seed cave.
  19. Luckey has an affinity for S’mores flavored dum-dums, Suit is fond of Twix bars, and Khara makes the best peanut butter toast in 4 states.

  • Crystal Fry
    Posted at 02:57h, 09 August Reply

    I think you’re all perfect.

  • Ian X. Fitzpatrick Esq.
    Posted at 05:26h, 09 August Reply

    Pope Francis rules suck it PJPII!

  • Julia pierce
    Posted at 22:25h, 09 August Reply

    Accident prone, lol

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