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We did’t mean to start a lip balm business, I swear!

In November of 2014, Khara decided to make some lip balms for the lovely teachers and aides at the day care center where her little boy attends (wooohooo, Bright Beginnings! We love you!) and roped Luckey into helping her since she knew she would have more fun that way and because Luckey is like her twin from whom she was separated at birth. Two months later, they were making them to sell in a coffee shop. Two months after that? Etsy. A year later? Wholesale and vendor fairs. Next stop? WORLD LIP BALM DOMINATION.

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Megan Luckey

Luckey loves her kid, her guy, his kids, her dog, and figuring out how to build things from scratch.  She’s passionate about using products without chemicals or funny sounding ingredients and that passion led her to Serious Lip Balm. Luckey is happiest surrounded by gnomes, half finished home renovation projects and bright colors. When she isn’t whipping up balms or scratching bulldog bellies she is a free lance sign language interpreter.

Khara Koffel

An ex-pat of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Khara lives and works in Jacksonville, Illinois, but she’s had a lot of addresses from New Jersey to Alabama. She loves her family, sculpture (here is what she makes when she is not balming –, learning, making, going to parks with her toddler, professor-ing, anything having to do with Pope John Paul II and talking to new people who can share a story with her.  If there’s a kitschy store, she’s probably been to it, if there’s a nail polish color, she probably owns it, and if there’s a really awkward facial expression, she’s probably made it, photographed it, and posted it on the internet.   She’s a little of this, a little of that and a little extra to lick off of the spoon… and she loves every minute of it.


It doesn’t take much to tickle Lula’s fancy.  The only things she expects in this world are belly scratches, high quality kibble, and approximately 23 hours of nap time per day.  Lula is easy-go-lucky but she has no patience for being locked in the kitchen or dealing with bad customer service.   Lula will do everything in her power to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Serious Lip Balm, and she is always available for a belly rub.  She can be reached at and you can check out her adventures with the instagram hashtag #thingsluladoesntunderstand.

Thanks so much for supporting our little dream that we didn’t know we had.