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Some New Colors in our World

Some New Colors in our World

Happy Spring!

If you have been around these parts of any length of time you may have noticed a theme. We like our silver labels, burlap, coffee and kick ass lip balm. We tend to keep it pretty much along those lines and haven’t ventured very far.


Recently we have gotten a little crazy with some custom balms. We have added color and fun little labels. We have gone a bit off the deep in!

We love a colorful little challenge!

Do you happen to need an awesome little customized lip balm to promote something you’re excited about?  We can make them in any sort of color combo (and only the balm is doesn’t transfer to you lips).  Need some pink and purple balms for Aunt Debbie’s Birthday Bash??  Some orange and blue balms for your boss’s retirement party??  Whatever you can dream up, we can create!!

Just give us a shout via our website under the wholesale tab and we can get started!


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